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Plug-ins for Intrasis Analysis 1.1
All plug-ins are free to download and use. They are created for use in Windows XP and may not run correct in Windows 7. Please contact Intrasishelp for more information.

Export text: Intrasis Analysis plug-in Export text has been upgraded and in the new version you also have the possibility to save your text as a table in the result database.

Measure codes: Gives you information about current measure codes for your Intrasis Site. The result can be printed or saved as an Excel file.

Export stratigraphic relations: All stratigraphic relations are exported to a .lst file that you can import to e.g. ArchEd for building a Harris Matrix.

Export text

500 kB

Download plug-in Export text!

Measure codes

1,2 MB

Download Measure codes!

Export stratigraphic relations

716 kB

Download Export stratigraphic relations!

Help Files
Download the complete help files for Intrasis Explorer and Intrasis Analysis

Intrasis Analysis Help

1,8 MB

Download Intrasis Analysis help files

Intrasis Explorer Help

5,07 MB

Download Intrasis Explorer help files

Stylesheet for Trimble ACU/TCU
Download a stylesheet which makes it possible to export your measurements to Intrasis raw format, directly in Trimble ACU/TCU.

Stylesheet for Trimble ACU/TCU

5 kB

Download stylesheet for Trimble ACU/TCU

Please contact Intrasis Helpdesk for further information about how to use the file!