Intrasis FAQ

Does Intrasis run on Windows 7?

Yes, Intrasis Explorer 2.x and Intrasis Analysis 1.x works on Windows 7.

Which version of ArcGIS are possible to use together with Intrasis Analysis 1.2?

You can only use ArcGIS 10 (not 10.1). Ver 1.2 has the same funcionality as 1.1.

In which languages are Intrasis available?

Intrasis Explorer is at the moment available in Swedish, English and German. Intrasis Analysis is available in Swedish and English. Contact us if you are interested to obtain the software in other languages.

Which versions of ArcGIS are possible to use together with Intrasis Analysis 1.1?

You can use either 9.2 or 9.3 of ArcGIS. If you upgrade from ArcGIS 9.2 to 9.3 please uninstall (by Add or Remove programs) both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.2 before installing ArcGIS 9.3.

If you are doing a new installation:
1. Install Intrasis Analysis 1.1
2. Uninstall ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.2 (if you have done a complete installation)
3. Install ArcGIS 9.3

Does Intrasis run on Windows Vista?

Yes, Intrasis Explorer 2.x and Intrasis Analysis 1.x works on Windows Vista.

How do I activate my Intrasis installation?

Send your sitecode and computername to

Do you have to use a total station to be able to use Intrasis?

No, it works perfectly well to use Intrasis as a documentation system without total station or GPS. Plans ca be drawn manually and then digitized. It is more efficient though to use measurement equipment during excavation.

Can information from “old” excavations be imported to Intrasis?

Intrasis support several import formats for attribute data; xls (Excel), dbf (dBase) and txt (text-files) which enables the possibility to import information from excavations stored in other systems. Importing this information to Intrasis also gives the advantage of having all data stored in the same way.

Where are digital pictures stored in Intrasis?

When importing digital pictures with the Wizard “Create image” you select in which folder the original files from the camera should be stored. For each Intrasis site database there is a special folder, Image, where they could be stored but it is up to the user where to store them. Imported pictures are also stored in the site database as Preview Images (400x400 pixels) which makes them accessible form Intrasis Explorer at all times – independent of folder.

Is it possible to export data to other formats?

In Intrasis Analysis you can export geodata to e.g. Esri geodatabase or shape-files. Tables can be exported to MS Access, dBase or as txt-files. You can also save tables and layouts as PDF.

Is it possible to copy data between Intrasis site databases?

Intrasis Explorer export format, ISX, makes it possible to export complete or parts of the site database to be imported to another site database.

Can I use an Intrasis site database as a template for new databases?

Yes it works perfectly fine! You just use the command “Export metadata template” in Intrasis Explorer to create a new template. Many users of Intrasis have in this way created different templates that suites different kind of excavations.

What total station brands are supported by Intrasis?

At the moment Leica and Trimble, but there are also the opportunity to import shape-files created by ArcPad or digitalization.

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