Welcome to Intrasis

What is Intrasis?
Intrasis is a GIS designed to handle and structure archaeological documentation and field data. The software is flexible and user friendly.

By using Intrasis all data related to one excavation or site becomes easy accessible and possible to combine. This increases the possibilities of interdisciplinary research when data from for example osteology or paleo-ecology can be combined with the archaeological information.

The system is developed by Archaeological Excavations Department of National Heritage Board , Sweden (UV).

Intrasis has since April 2000 been used at all archaeological excavations at UV and is today used by all major archaeological institutions in Sweden. It is also used in e.g. Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Great Britain.


Intrasis 3.0

We are making good progress with the development of Intrasis 3.0 and it will be launched during spring 2013. This will be a completly new software, where Intrasis Explorer and Intrasis Analysis will be joined. The database management system will at the same time be changed from MSSQL Server to PostgreSQL/PostGIS. All our clients will be provided with a Database Conversion Wizard that converts data from Intrasis 2.x to the new format.

Intrasis 3.0 will be recognizable for all users of current version of Intrasis - but you will find that registering information will be quicker and more efficient. It will also provide you with the possibility to have several GIS Views in one Intrasis project - making it easier to combine your excavation data with other maps and GIS data. The Analysis Wizards will have more options and improved functionality.

We will also launch an Administration Tool for Intrasis, where you can adapt the database to be able to store the information suitable for your project as well as administer your databases.

Intrasis Analysis 1.2
A new version of Intrasis Analysis (1.2.12) has been released for ArcGIS 10. Please note that this version should only be used in connection with ArcGIS 10 (not compatible with 10.1) and it does not contain any news. Latest version for users of ArcGIS 9.2 or higher is 1.1.11. 

Update plug-in 
Intrasis Analysis plug-in Export text has been upgraded and in the new version you also have the possibility to save your text as a table in the result database. Click here to go to our download section.

Intrasis Explorer in German
Intrasis Explorer is now available in German! Please contact us for further information.