Intrasis 3.0

The new version of Intrasis will consist of three different applications, all given a brief presentation below.

Intrasis Database Conversion Wizard

This is a tool for conversion of Intrasis 2.x databases to Intrasis 3.0. All data is converted to a new database, with the same name as the original. All files within an Intrasis database folder will be copied to a new location in the new standard folder structure for Intrasis databases. No data will be removed. In a few steps you select which database to convert and where to store the new database. The Wizard will also create a log file with information about any errors in the database.

Intrasis 3.0 database converterDatabase Conversion Wizard, the first step.

Intrasis Database administrator

In this application you can administer your databases (both on local computer and within your local network). You can create and delete databases, make backups and restore. There is extended possibilities to alter metadata and in Intrasis 3.0 you can edit almost all metadata. The differences from earlier versions are e.g.  that you can create Information groups, classes and relations.

Intrasis 3.0 database administrationDatabase Administrator, properties for a class.

Intrasis 3.0

Intrasis Explorer and Intrasis Analysis will be joined into on single software. If you have previous used Intrasis you will easy recognize its functionality. Import of survey files, editing geometry and object information is made easier. Apart from the map for a database you can use several GIS Views.

Intrasis 3.0