Administration Tools in Intrasis 3

Administrate your databases in Database Administrator
In the Database Administrator you control user rights for the site database, settings and nomenclature – all according to the strategy for your project. Information is divided into what we, in Intrasis, call classes e.g. stratigraphical units, artifacts, samples, site, environment, coordinate system, technical equipment or staff. A class can be further divided into subclasses. Each class and subclass is given their own set of attributes. Which classes/subclasses to be used is up to you – but due to the structured storage in Intrasis you can always use the Wizards to analyze data. In Database Administrator you also control relations, geographical symbols and codes. You can create, delete and restore databases both on the local computer and remote.

Database Conversion Wizard
The earlier version of Intrasis used MS SQL Server as database management system. In Intrasis 3 this is changed to PostgreSQL. A Wizard for conversion of databases created and used in Intrasis 2.x. is therefore available. This tool converts (as a copy) a selected database into Intrasis 3 format as well as copying all files stored in Intrasis 2.x folder system in to the new folder system for Intrasis 3.

Back-up script
If you are running your databases on a server a backup command-line-application can be purchased from us. It will create backups for all databases and can be a part of your server backup maintenance. Please contact us for more information.