Intrasis FAQ

Can I open my Intrasis 3.01 projects in Intrasis 3.1?


I have downloaded and unzipped the Help File – but it seems to be empty?

Your computer may be blocking the file. Right-click on the file Intrasis.chm and go to Properties and make sure to unblock it and thereby allow your computer to run it.

Which version of ArcGIS is possible to use together with the current version of Intrasis?

For Intrasis 3.1 you can use ArcGIS 10.1–10.2.2, 10.3. Make sure to download the correct version from our download page.

Can clients have different versions of Intrasis 3 installed and still work with the same database?

Yes - there are no differences between the data models.

In which languages are Intrasis 3 available?

At the moment it is only available in English. But it is designed so that other languages can be added in the future.

Does Intrasis 3 run on Windows 8?

Yes, Intrasis is fully tested on Windows 8.

Is it possible to convert an Intrasis 3 database to Intrasis Explorer 2.2?

No – Intrasis is not backward compatible.

Does Intrasis run on Linux?

No, Intrasis needs Windows OS.

Which file formats can I use for import of geographical information to an Intrasis database?

ISD (Trimble, stylesheet available from download), GSI (Leica) and Esri shape data set. An Intrasis XYZ - format is also available. More information about file formats is found in our Helpfile.