Intrasis System

Intrasis is an acronym for Intra-site Information System and is a GIS designed for a combination of complex information data and geographical data, e g archaeological excavations.

Intrasis 3 is the core of the system and is used to import, enter and analyze data. It is featuring functions for creating, administrate and communicate with the database. All data are stored in PostgreSQL/PostGIS including geometry, documents and images (optional) and object information.

Intrasis 3 the system

Import of data is done with the Import Wizard. It is possible to import survey files from different kind of survey instruments as well as images, documents and attribute data.

The Database View is used for entering attribute data and creating relations between objects. There are several ways of browsing you data and you can also change geometries in the Edit View.

The GIS Wiev(s) is used for analyzing Intrasis data. It is possible to have several GIS Views within the same project. Wizards for the most commonly used GIS analysis simplify the GIS work for archaeologists. Data can be exported to be used in other software, for publication or advanced GIS analysis. To run Intrasis, you will need (at minimum) an ArcGIS engine runtime license (10.1) from ESRI.

The Graph View lets you overlook your registered relations and you can have several graph views. It is possible to view one relation type in each graph and you can filter for relation, e.g. Above/Below. Further information for objects can be directly viewed by a direct connection to the Object Browser.

The Database Administrator is a separate application to administrate databases. You can create, delete and restore databases as well as create/change metadata settings.

The data model of Intrasis is object oriented and can easily be modified to suite all kind of projects. Basic metadata for archaeological excavations is delivered with Intrasis. It can be used on small scale excavations as well as large sites where in addition to the archaeological information also a broad variety of interdisciplinary data is stored.

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Intrasis 3 is designed by Contract Archaeology Service, National Historical Museum

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